5 Tips for Staying Healthy on Vacation

Taking a holiday vacation shouldn’t mean taking time off from your healthy lifestyle. Don’t throw away months of hard work for one gluttonous getaway. You can stay on track while away and still have fun. Here are my five tips on staying healthy while on vacation:

Schedule Your Workouts: Even if you overindulge a little while away, you can keep things in check by making sure you exercise on a daily basis. Set aside 30 – 60 minutes minutes each day for some form of exercise or physical activity. Book your appointment at your hotel to rent a bike, take a long walk with your significant other along the beach, book an appointment for a yoga class with the concierges at a nearby gym or swim laps at the hotel pool same time each day. You can even check out the website www.trail.com to find local hiking or jogging paths, maybe even rent a tour guide for an extended amount of time. When you think about it the options are endless.

Don’t Over Indulge at Every Meal: I think many of us have already learned the pit falls of vacation, having returned 5lbs heavier from a previous trip. I would never want you to deprive yourself, so I advise you go light when indulging on your favorite splurge foods this trip around. Keep things light throughout the day and as normal to your daily routine as possible, this way you can have a bite or two of your favorite cake after dinner, but not the whole slice. Another trick is eat often and every 3-4 hours but eat light using the 70/30 rule: make salads and fruit 30% of your meals and lean protein (chicken, meat, fish, eggs) 70% of your meals. Keep the calories light by reducing carb calories like breads, pasta and soda’s during the day, this will allow you to have some dessert at night.

Research: Vacation means constant dining out and ordering food day and night. Just like you plan which activities you want to do while away, spend the time researching restaurants online beforehand. Look at their menus, appetizers, and salads so you can choose the restaurants which offer plenty of  healthy food choices. Also, utilize your mini-fridge in a healthy way by stocking up with a case of water, plain yogurts and berries. Pick up celery and carrot sticks if possible at a local store, even hard boiled eggs if possible to curb hunger when it strikes.

Don’t drink up your calories: If drinking alcohol, drink it straight up, neat or on the rocks. Ordering a margarita or fruity drink poolside for example contains a whopping 700 calories, which means you just drank your lunch in calories.  No lunch for you 🙁  If deciding on a beer, have a bottle of water after each beer or try drinking the beer on ice! Why? Water re-hydrates the body negating that tired feeling as well as the chances of a regretful hangover.  Water also helps fill you up, curbing liquid calories throughout the day. Yes your away on vacation looking to unwind which I totally get. I just want you to make the healthier choice when it comes to alcohol too. Instead of the sugar loaded fruity cocktails, choose a lower-calorie drink like light beer on ice, flavored vodka with club soda, red wine, white wine spritzer or tequila on the rocks with lime. Trust me it will make a huge difference in the way you feel and look when returning home. You might even enjoy the trip more.

Get Active with Your Tribe: Vacation is a perfect time to get active with not only the people you are traveling with but maybe even some people you meet while away. Try something new and try getting out of your comfort zone with others. Yes I still want you to get that 30-60 minute workout, but you can still find a fun, physical activity the rest of the family or friends can join in too. Bring a frisbee and/or sponge football to toss around the beach, go kayaking or snorkeling or put together a beach workout and go for a swim there after.  Get everyone involved, most of all, have a great trip!

Coach Ray 🙂

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