About GFWR



Get Fit With Ray- GFWR- Is a  boutique fitness and nutrition studio  located at 32- 34 Union square east New York City. We specialize in functional fitness and nutrition with a strong belief that fitness is a lifestyle not a gimmick. We offer a holistic approach to fitness, nutrition and health that is focused  on getting and maintaining results. Our approach to fitness starts with developing and strong fitness foundation through education and mastering the body.

Why did I build Get Fit With Ray?Raymond-dente-outdoor-training

It’s simple really, to help others. I love to help and motivate people to become the best they can be. The world of fitness can be a confusing and overwhelming place. So much so, that I have lost count of how many useless products, potions, pills, and starvation diets I’ve encountered over the past 25 years in search of the most efficient, healthy and effective way to get real results. But my search was not in vain because finding the right balance of fitness, nutrition and mind-body development has been very rewarding. I makes me happy to see clients in utter shock by their total body transformations, not just because of the way they look, but also because of the way to they feel. It’s helping people find happiness, drive, and confidence through fitness that keeps me motivated to help as many people as I can. That’s why I’ve built GFWR.

What makes GFWR different?


More times than I can count I’ve met people that are lost when it comes to fitness and nutrition because they don’t know what or who to believe. I wanted to make sure that GFWR studio provided education not just direction to clients. Why? Clients who understand the what and why behind fitness and nutrition get better results. That is why education is so important in building a strong fitness foundation. We as humans need to learn new things in order to form new habits 

Holistic program design

Our balanced approach to fitness is based on a holistic program design that combines training, nutrition and development of a strong mind-body connection. Exercise is an important step in achieving a total body transformation, but it is not the end all. In fact, nutrition plays a larger role in getting results than exercise does. The idea that exercises is the only thing that is needed to change the body is a huge misconception that leads to frustration and limited results.

While most will understand the idea of exercise and nutrition more are unfamiliar with developing a strong mind-body connection. The mind-body connection is about learning new habits, methods and actions to keep you on track and getting results. This is a key concept that is missing in a lot of training and nutrition programs. Emphasis is given to the external change but we have to remember that internal is changing just as much.

What can you expect to find within my site?

Aside from information on the services that we offer in-person at GFWR studio NYC you will find a wealth of training and nutrition knowledge.  Ranging from information packed blog post to instructional training videos. We hope that GFWR’s holistic approach to fitness, nutrition and health can provide you with with the tools needed to achieve the body of your dreams.