About Ray

nyc-personal-trainerWith over 25 years experience in fitness training, life coaching, and business ownership, Ray Dente has a unique story to tell that is full with adversity and triumph. At 53, Ray is the embodiment of fitness which is a bit shocking given his injury filled past. In the last 18 years, Ray has undergone three knee surgeries, abdominal surgery, testicular cancer, a torn distal biceps tendon, a torn labrum, and a severe back injury.

When asked how he found the strength to persevere through it all he said:

My back and arm injuries almost crippled me, but they taught me more about inner strength and perspective than any other experience in my life!

We are all presented with obstacles, but it’s how we get up when we are knocked down, that’s what matters most! In life, most things are temporary so fight through them! We only go around this beautiful planet just one time!

Ray’s will to succeed through life no matter the odds doesn’t stop with him. His motivational drive spreads contagiously to his clients.

His training methods have helped professional athletes prepare for some of the biggest moments of their lives, and other clients successfully transform their bodies. Though proud of these accomplishments, his passion is educating people on the basic principles of health, fitness, nutrition and mastering the body.


Life is a journey, and Ray is using his experiences to help others through their own. When asked his key to success Ray responded “I motivate, stimulate and educate others!” He also believes you have to first love yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually in order to live life to the fullest saying  It all begins from within!

Living life to the fullest has allowed Ray to do some amazing things such as jumping out of airplanes, scuba diving around the world, surf the waves of North Shore Oahu Hawaii,

compete in an international  six-man outrigger canoe race, and completing three (3) 26.5-mile stand up paddle board races around the island of Manhattan for charity.


His greatest achievement other than raising his 16-year-old son was his ability to rehab two friends back from serious injuries and his continued charitable efforts.Ray is more than a trainer; he’s an inspiration showing us all, that after adversity there is triumph.