For those of you who always seem to be on the run in the morning heres a fast and easy breakfast you can make in just 6-minutes, one that will super charge you with tons of good nutrition & energy to help jump start your day.

First and in a small pan pre-heat with a medium flame adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to the bottom of the pan. Coconut oil is the most natural of all oils on the market today and does not break down with temperature like most man made oils. Crack open 1 or 2 eggs, add a dash of salt & pepper and cover pan.  You can also boil your eggs in a pot of water if you prefer boiled eggs. Make sure to drop the eggs in with a large spoon so not to break the eggs.

While waiting for the eggs to cook for 3-minutes, lightly toast a healthy piece of whole grain bread. You can add Kerrigold grass fed butter (no fake butter or margarine’s) and/or cut open half an avocado mashing the avocado to spread on top of your toast.

Last, you can simply remove the eggs from the pan with a spatula placing them onto your toast or crack and peel if boiled, mashing the egg in a small bowl then spreading onto your bread. Drizzle a little olive oil or avocado oil on top and bam, a beautiful nutritious breakfast loaded with awesome clean calories.

Start your day on the right foot, your body will thank you for it as will your waistline!


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