Being lifeFIT

Is increasing your ability to function in day-to-day life by building a strong fitness foundation and learning to master your body. Being unhappy with your body, lacking energy or the inability to perform movements that daily life calls for are some of the challenges that you may be facing. These problems add to stress levels because how we look and feel has a direct effect on our attitude and outlook on life. Functional fitness is our solution to this and being LifeFIT is the result.

Traditional vs Functional

Our bodies need to move, but traditional training like cardio is not what the body craves. We aren’t designed to spend countless hours on treadmills, ellipticals or stair-masters. It just isn’t efficient, and changes in appearance are not based on how long you’re active, but rather what type of activities you’re doing. Functional fitness is a style of training that utilizes bodyweight, compound and explosive movements that are in tune with how our body’s were designed to move.  As a result you will build a stronger more capable body.

GFWR’s training programs are designed to provide you with an efficient and effective training system that will maximize your results, tap into you natural energy source and restore your ability to handle everyday tasks with ease and confidence. We all have busy and demanding lives, so it’s important to have an effective training program that makes you LifeFIT by strengthening your mind, body and increases your quality of life.