The Paleolithic era formed our species, starting roughly 2.3 million years ago and ending about 20,000 years ago. The Paleolithic age was also known as the “stone age”, and through archeological digs and discoveries, it was founded that this period of life was free of any chronic or degenerative diseases.


Amazingly when comparing the Paleolithic era to today you will notice that obesity, cancer, heart disease, dementia and even tooth decay, are problems we face that they never had to. This is because there were no grains, sugars, legumes, vegetable oils or margarine’s during the Paleolithic period.

The Paleo diet consists of natural or “real” foods  like chicken, beef, fish, vegetables, seeds, nuts and fruits. Lots of cross fitters, body builders and sports athletes follow the Paleo way of life because of the health benefits mentioned above.

During the Paleolithic period, we were hunters and gathers meaning we lived off of the land. We hunted animals gathered  good fats  and plants like nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. We were not farmers nor did we eat processed foods such as bread and pasta like today’s modern man.

Agriculture ended the Paleolithic period, and made beans, grains, corn and dairy the staple foods that most people eat today. Mark Sisson a leader in the Paleo style of eating said that ‘people simply have not evolved enough yet to be able to handle these foods today’. I can agree with this, after giving up all processed foods and grains as of January 2014. I no longer feel bloated,full or gassy  which makes me believe that my body is finally working the way it was meant to.

The increase in wheat and corn consumption is the source of many health problems we face today. Starting in the 1980’s marketing of  Wheaties, corn flakes, corn on the cob, white bread and other flour based products grew in popularity. The one thing that all these products have in common is they spike insulin levels. Why is this important? Because elevated levels of insulin and blood sugar promote fat absorption and fat storage. In short this prevents the release of fat as fuel, which means you’re storing it not burning it.

Paleo is highly sought after because people are finally picking up on today’s health crisis. Look around you, today we have more overweight people roaming the planet than ever before.  And from the many conversations I’ve had with athletes, gym rats, and cardio aficionado’s, most simply want to be healthy, perform at a high level and look good.  Paleo helps them achieve these goals and that’s why we offer it as an option in our nutritional freedom program.