Ray Dente’s Approach

My approach to fitness it called the triangle. It’s based on a balance of weekly training activity, core/cardio integration into each workout, and a healthy meal plan. The triangle will get you the results you want and teach you how to KEEP THEM!

My method of training is designed to keep you on your feet, the way the body was meant to move. While incorporating total body training and core/cardio into each workout!

The three points of the triangle signifies the three points in my approach. Keep them balance and you will get results. The three points are:

Program Design

Full body integrated training is the best and fastest way to get results. Structuring your this into your workout routine It is the difference between hitting a plateau and blasting through your old personal best.

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Core/ Cardio integration

Incorporating these into every workout is what gets you results. We use our core for EVERYTHING it’s the center of our engine.

Cardio is NOT THE TREADMILL or any of those other machines that steal your time and give you minimal results in return. The best cardio is done when you increase your heart rate through interval training while working your musculature. What this also supplies is time efficient training and higher metabolic rate given the abundance of calories burned and body parts/muscle used!

Meal Planning

This is NOT A DIET. No diet in the world can get you the results that your body can NATURALLY if you give it the right fuel. The Key is not to starve yourself. Feeding your body pocket meals every three hours is a great way to activate your furnace and help burn calories without training or doing endless hours of cardio.
This keeps your body happy and your engine running strong!

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