Ray Dente’s Fitness Results: Client Testimonials

When working with clients I like to ask them these four questions to help chart their progress and make GFWR that much better!


Peter Singh


1. What makes GFWR different?

Ray takes a personal interest in your well being as a whole. Personal training is one accept of the formula but eating and mental health is another great thing he focuses on.

2. What have you learned about yourself?  

I learned how substantial fueling your body is and the type of effort it takes to look at good as Ray when I’m his age.

3. What kind of impact has improved Nutrition had on your life?

Good nutrition has turned into one of my highest priorities and has allowed me to slim my waste line and fueled my daily metabolism and energy levels.

4. What have you learned about your own mind-body connection? 

I’ve learned that discipline and creation of a routine that my mind is challenged by clearly translates into my everyday work life as well.

Laurie Davis


1. What makes GFWR different?

GFWR is training at the most “personal” of levels.  The client has complete autonomy in this private studio.  GFWR is training AND education (both nutritional and physiological) which is the ONLY way to get fit!  Ray makes his clients WANT to push themselves more and more because they see their transformations start to happen immediately.  The process is very engaging and the abundance of education results in newly adopted habits and ultimately new ways of living!   One does not find this in a regular gym or with other personal trainers who are only focused on exercises during that session without sharing the reasons behind each exercise and how it benefits the body, not to mention the lack of educating their clients about nutrition.  With GFWR, you get both! This holistic approach to getting fit results in STAYING fit…for life!

2. What have you learned about yourself?  

As a result of the holistic approach to becoming LifeFIT during my journey at GFWR, I’ve learned that I want to be IN control and not BE controlled by circumstances or my environment. This means developing a plan of healthy eating and exercising on a consistent (vs. sporadic) basis and sticking to it! In addition to aesthetic aspects of becoming fit, I’ve learned that getting fit more importantly means being able to function in life.  It makes lifting things easier, it makes pushing and pulling things easier and it makes squatting down to pick something up off the floor easier.  It means being able to get up and down from your chair easier and walk up a set of stairs without feeling winded.  All these routine things become easier when fit!

3. What kind of impact has improved Nutrition had on your life?

Through my training sessions (again, which include nutritional education), I have discovered that I want to be able to control food and I don’t want food to control me!  I am now looking at food as “fuel” versus looking at it as a “reward” or a means to alleviate stress.  I am able to overcome trigger points and impulses, which used to lead directly to poor eating habits.   I now recognize that you’re only cheating yourself when you eat poorly and it’s not like you’re getting anything over on anyone else except for you!  Learning what to eat has been a fun journey and I do not feel deprived one bit!!  Food now serves a different purpose for me.  I am in control of it.  It does not control me!  That’s what Nutritional Freedom means to me.

4. What have you learned about your own mind-body connection? 

Feeding your mind is where this whole “Mind-Body Connection” process begins.  Once you feed your mind (with ongoing education) it then leads to healthy feeding of and care (exercise) for your body.  Once you know what your body needs and when you need it, you will see better habits form and ultimately a transformation (both spiritually and physically), which will lead to a better you!


Adam Angelowic

 Adam-Angelowic-before-and-after-at-GFWR1. What makes GFWR different? 

I’ve found that GFWR is different from any workout I’ve done in the past in that the functional fitness training has helped me in multiple areas of my life – I feel more energy, I feel more confident, My body feels much better, I look better and I’ve performed better when playing competitive sports.

2. What have you learned about yourself? 

I’ve learned that fitness should always be a core part of my life.  I grew up playing sports year-round as a kid.  When joining the working world in my early 20’s, I found it difficult to keep up an active life style.  GFWR has helped me incorporate an active life style into my busy NYC life.  I can work out remotely, or in the studio with Ray, and can keep up my activity level in an efficient manner.

3. What kind of impact has improved Nutrition had on your life?

I’m still working on my nutrition, however, Ray has taught me how to cut out the bad stuff, and replace it with “real” food. When I go out to a business dinner, I know how to order and stay away from the foods that will sabotage my efforts. The next step is to have more of a regiment around food, and its slowly coming along. Breaking old habits one step at a time.

4. What have you learned about your own mind-body connection?

Since I’ve started working with Ray, I’ve found increased connection between mind and body, primarily in the form of increased confidence and how the eating/training has impacted my athletic endurance.

Jana Humenanska


1. What makes GFWR so different?

The experience and Ray, I never had a trainer or gym mix nutrition coaching and functional fitness training the way Ray does at GFWR. Unlike most NYC gyms with lots of flashy equipment and young trainers, GFWR offers a unique approach to fitness and a functional training regiment that makes perfect sense. I now understand the importance of mastering my own body weight, and training the body the way it was meant to move. Before we started training and nutrition we made a roadmap of where I wanted to be. Ray then explained to me what I would need to do to get there. This got me really excited to start my program since I could clearly see what I was working toward.

2.What have you learned about yourself? 

I’ve learned that my body goes where my mind goes, and that being fit will help me live a longer, healthier, and more productive life. Bottom line I will never take my health for granted again. What I learned about fitness and nutrition can also be passed down to my daughter which is a huge plus.

3.What kind of impact has Nutrition had on your life?

A big one! I have improved my energy, sleep, have better focus, more confidence, and a better overall mood. Good nutrition really turned my life around. As a manager of a NYC restaurant, I am around food ALL DAY. Before starting at GFWR I had no idea how I was sabotaging my health by eating processed food and sugar. I learned that my eating habits were based on convenience not health. I feel so much better now and I still get to eat food that I love.

4.What have you learned about your own mind body connection?

I’ve learned to listen to my body and pay more attention to the way it reacts to both food and exercise. When the mind and body work in harmony there is really nothing better. I had forgotten about this connection due to life getting in the way, but I feel blessed to have it back.

James Fergus-Jean


1. What Makes GFWR Different?

Before training with Ray, I could never understand why my progress stopped at a certain point. I tried all sorts of combinations of weight training and cardio, which got me in decent shape, but never to my goal. Ray opened my eyes to an entirely new way of approaching fitness and nutrition. One that was far more effective and efficient than anything I did in the past. He had answers to the same questions I struggled with for a very long time, and helped me bridged the gap and reach my goals.

2. What have you learned about yourself?

I learned two things, that health is wealth and that I never want to let my body go again, I value it to much. Health and feeling good about myself are invaluable, and huge confidence builders. Having gotten married a few years ago, I fell into the work trap and didn’t realize I had let my body go a bit. I also learned that getting what you want out of your body and life takes hard work. I now have both a new body and new job that are brining me closer to reaching my full potential.

3. What kind of impact has nutrition had on your life?

I lost over 6 inches off my waist in less than ten weeks. This was achieved with just two training session a week with Ray. This should show you how huge of an impact nutrition had in changing my life. During our nutrition meetings Ray explained the importance of developing a meal plan that not only fit into my schedule, but included foods that I liked. In a nutshell I realized that food is fuel and should help my body not hurt my efforts.

4. What have you learned about your own mind body connection?

That everything starts within the mind, our thoughts, our beliefs, and our determination. When we have positive thoughts, it reinforces the mind body connection, and gives it want it needs flourish. This leads to feeding the body better which improves awareness, health, well being, and quality of life.

Diane Ekerle


1. What makes GFWR different? 

GFWR has taught me how to work out correctly by not going overboard and learning to listen to my body. It is amazing to see that I have gone down two sizes in clothing, and in better shape than I have been in the past 3 years.

2. What have you learned about yourself?  

I have learned that it is important to work smart not hard to get and keep my results.

3. What kind of impact has improved Nutrition had on your life?

I still have some work to do on that front, but I am starting to really understand that eating more protein and good fats like nuts and avocado have a real impact on my progress and health.

4. What have you learned about your own mind body connection? 

I learned that training smart and eating better makes me feel better. I now look forward to my training session at GFWR. Also the confidence that I have now makes me feel like I can do anything and that age has nothing to do with setting goals.

John Gazzale


1. What makes GFWR different?

The difference for me is the focus I get from training at a private studio. It’s just me and Ray and I feel like he is really focusing on my training and me. It’s great not being at a gym with the distractions of other people watching or being in the way, having to share equipment, or deal with the noise or smells.AlsoRay’s positive energy, years of knowledge, and experience are great motivators. When you add in the beautiful views of Union Square, Freedom Tower, and a relaxing environment I feel like I found a real gem.

2. What have you learned about yourself?

That I can sometimes get in my own way. Ray helped me overcome this and other obstacles, which lead to me making a lot of progress with fitness and health. I’ve learned that I can make strides if I stick to a plan and actively follow it to get to my goals.

3. What kind of impact has improved Nutrition had on your life?

It taught me how different foods affect my body and health. When I eliminated certain foods (alcohol, processed foods, sugars) I felt my energy pick up. I also feel brighter and more focused. In a moment of weakness I had some of the foods that I stopped eating and it was crazy how much I could feel the impact on my system. It really showed me how much impact eating has on my life. I no longer have to deal with  gas, burping, weight gain, mood swings, and acid stomach. They are all things of the past.

4. What have you learned about your own mind body connection?

I like the expression we think we create. It was a struggle for me to overcome negative thinking and learn to stay positive. Ray helped me overcome these roadblocks and push through.I’ve learned that when an excuse like, “You’re tired, or old, or sick, popped into my head that those are the most important times to train and stay on the path. I guess I learned that I owe it to myself to be healthy and that all the negative aspects are just roadblocks towards creating health, wellness and peace.

Stephen Zuretti


1. What makes GFWR different?

In one word transformation, before starting at GFWR I was over weight and felt low energy and strength. When I started training at GFWR I wasn’t able to complete two push-ups. At the end of twelve weeks I was up to 25! I could not believe how much my control over my body changed. It really started to sink in when I began wearing smaller clothes, and seeing my measurement go down instead of up. Training with Ray inspired me on a personal level and was the main reason I kept going. His knowledge of Keto, nutrition, fitness training, and building a connection of mind and body is something I never seen anywhere else.

2. What have you learned about yourself?

I’ve learned that age is not an excuse to be out of shape. As a 58-year-old I realized that I could lose weight and achieve goals that I once thought were impossible.

3. What kind of impact has improved Nutrition had on your life?

I learned that it is the key fueling my body and overall life. Not only did it transform my body it also transformed my mind, by eating correctly and training hard I was able to improve my life.

4. What have you learned about your own mind body connection?

I learned how powerful it really is. Training with Ray has really changed my life and showed me what I need to build a strong mind body connection. I don’t plan on ever returning to 255 lbs because of this knowledge. By learning to build a strong mind-body connection, eat right, and train smart I feel like I’m 30 years old again.

Thank you GFWR

Andrew Rosen


1. What makes GFWR different?

Ray has an approach that leans heavily on basics and form while also exploring innovation in routines and nutrition.  The focus on form means I get the most out of every movement and I always know what I’m working and why I’m working it, but there’s always room to try something new which keeps my mind and body guessing and engaged session to session and week to week.  The focus on functional fitness also yields positive results outside of the gym – whether I’m hiking, surfing, or moving furniture, I’m always aware of what part of my body and what muscle groups I’m engaging, which means I’m less likely to injure myself (which I have a habit of doing) and more likely to enjoy myself.

2. What have you learned about yourself?

Every session brings a goal – a rep count, a distance, something – that I have to achieve the right way.  That’s a different experience from my day-to-day, where I’m usually trying to find the shortest distance with the least resistance to most of life’s challenges.  Great to know I can do both.

3. What kind of impact has improved Nutrition had on your life?

Before GFWR I thought I had nutrition figured out.  I ate salad with no dressing, egg whites with no cheese, had smoothies once or twice a day…  It was a Do No Harm approach to what I put into my body (outside the occasional drink or peanut butter cup), so it was a decent foundation.  But simple tweaks – eating a larger lunch and a smaller dinner instead of the other way around, understanding what good fats I should incorporate more – have yielded awesome results in how I feel day-to-day.  I have more energy, more freedom, a better attitude and still the occasional drink or peanut butter cup.  Plus I cook now.  Never did that before.

4. What have you learned about your own mind-body connection?

In a word: awareness.  I know how what I put into my body will affect me physically and mentally, and I can identify the cycles and behaviors that lead to positive and negative results.  That awareness is empowering.

Christian Zamora


1. What makes GFWR different?

Its private, hands-on, education based training, and nutrition all within the same location. As a New Yorker, the one stop shot convenience was important to me. GFWR also helped me answer the many questions I had about fitness in general, and keeping things simple was also a big part of my transformation process.

2. What have you learned about yourself?

That I should respect my body and that it’s never too late to get back in shape. I’ve also learned that fitness has an amazing effect not only on the way I look and feel, but  also my own clients relationships which has energized my business.

3. What kind of impact has nutrition had on your life?

My goal in the beginning was to lose weight, but it became so much more than that for me. Don’t get me wrong, the first few weeks were tough adjusting to my new lifestyle and I was craving all the unhealthy food I’d just given up. Eating clean has certainly been a leaning curve for me, and while learning I’ve completely changed my perception on several aspects of health and nutrition.

When you hear the word diet, you think you are giving up food, and to my own amazement while eating clean I’ve been far from restricted. In fact, I’m eating more varied foods in my meal plan than ever before. And I’ve decided I want to use my new found will power and knowledge to continue on with my fitness Journey to build a healthy future. I’m happy, have energy and simply feel amazing which helps me get through my workday much easier.

4. What have you learned about the mind body connection?

This was the hard one for me, because I had never taken the time to know what that connection was. And as I continue to learn, improve, even make small mistakes along the way, I’m slowly making a better connection between the two and its had a very positive effect on both my health and sense of well being.

John Deray


I chose Ray because he was very motivational and had a specific approach to fitness, which combined training and nutrition. Signing up for an eight (8) week fitness challenge was one of the best things I ever did for myself, because it changed me for life both mind and body.

I just eight short weeks I lost 37lbs of fat, 7 inches off my belly, added shape to my body and fit back into my size 30 jeans. I’m thankful to have met Ray, he helped turn my life around!