Specialized Training

At GFWR we also train athletes of all levels. Our specialized training will focus on what you need to get better faster and stronger. 


Mark Bobrowski – Marathoner


1. What makes GFWR different? 

Over the past several years I have had several trainers and Ray is the first one to listen to what my goals are and provide a weekly plan that would help me achieve those goals. I run and needed Ray to make me a stronger faster runner. He trained me with that goal in mind; core strength and balance were two of the things we focused on.

2. What have you learned about yourself?  

I have learned that even at my age change is possible. I was already in good shape and fit from running. Ray made me leaner and stronger.

3. What kind of impact has improved Nutrition had on your life?

 What you put into your body is what you get out. For me a balance of carbs for the running is important but I’ve learned that good fats are equally as important.

4. What have you learned about your own mind body connection? 

My mind, body, and spirit need to be in balance. When my mind and spirit are fit, it’s easier for the body to get fit. Free the mind, and your ass will follow. Building this connection also helped me finish the 2014 New York Marathon. The conditions were horrible and pushed a lot of runners to their limits, including me. But my training of both my mind and body got me through. I also set a new personal best time!

Carol Stevenson – Hiker and Cyclist


At 76 I am perhaps the oldest client of GFWR. I was connected with Ray through my chiropractor, Marc Bobrowsky. Marc know my body and when I talked to him about my low energy and how if will effect an upcoming hiking trip to Acadia National Park, he suggested that I sit down with Ray and learn about his approach to getting fit. Well, the rest is history. Ray worked on a plan that would not only get me fit for the hiking trip but also help me change my nutrition. It seemed like a lot to take on all at once but Ray made me feel confident I could do it.

For 5 days in late September, I hiked 2 mountains, the Gorham and  tha Cadillac in Acadia, hiked 4 miles around the Jordan Pond, and rode 6 miles on a bicycle. It was wonderful!  The word I heard most from the group hiking with me was “ aril you are amazing”. I feel like a different woman thanks to Ray’s coaching and I plan to continue my work with him.

J’vonne Parker – Pro Athlete

After suffering a severe knee injury, I had met Ray at the tail end of my rehabilitation phase. We quickly connected and before I knew it Ray was training me, showing me all kinds of total body routines that helped get me back on my feet again. After spending 6+ seasons in the NFL as a defensive tackle, I quickly realized Ray’s knowledge of both functional fitness and nutrition, and the importance of mastering ones own body weight, as well as movement and core training. Ray is a total inspiration, and would still be training with him if it weren’t for location.

Val Acosta – Triathlete.

val-acostaAs a triathlete I’ve worked with many trainers prior to Ray. And it was during my 90-minute assessment with Ray when I realized the importance of training weaknesses rather than strengths. After just three months of being with Ray, I took almost an hour off my NYC Ironman event from the previous year. Ray taught me the significance of core and single leg training, as well as rest and the mind/body connection. Thank you Ray, you are a one of a kind!

Mike Feeks – Body Builder


Aside from getting you in the best shape of your life, Ray provides a different approach to fitness. He teaches you how to be physically, and more importantly mentally ready for any challenge that you will face.  He gave me the great gift of knowledge and nutrition, and understanding how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With his programming he took a young kids dream of competing as a body builder, to getting his pro-card and making a dream come true. If given the opportunity to change your life in the best way possible, why wouldn’t you go to Ray!