Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?

Does Eating Fat make You Fat!

Ask my clients and they will tell you “Absolutely not”. Why? First look at their transformation pictures on my Instagram account (@Getfitwithray) and you will see lots of healthy sustainable lifestyle transformations. What am I feeding them? I’m feeding them a high protein, low-carb, moderate fat diet  using all real & natural fats which most respond to quite well. Why? Great question! The answer is, “I’ve slowly taken away all of the processed foods and sugars they had been consuming and replaced them with real foods. It’s that simple”.

What Kind of Fats Might I be Feeding Them?

Good fats like avocado, coconut oil (I cook everything in it and I mean everything), grass fed butter (kerrigold), egg yolks (yep, the same yolk our government & science told us was bad for us back in 84′- see picture above) walnuts, sliced almonds, a variety of black/green/kalamata olives, artisanal premium cheese, olive oil, avocado oil, guac, pure dark chocolate (yes you heard me right/best time is after a workout) and bacon too (the other food source that got a bad rap back in 84′). Fats are important for 1) brain function (the brain is 60% fat), 2) digestion (avocado & coconut oils are super foods, help improve digestion and gut bacteria) as well as our 3) nervous system which virtually controls everything within our body.

So What Made My Clients Fat Before I Met Them?

Straight up, the “processed foods & sugars” our government & food manufacturers are pushing on us. Foods of “convenience” (bread, bagels, muffins, croissants, rolls etc) and foods that are “fake” to be exact (hydrogenated man-made oils, snacks, candy, chips, dips etc). Today and more than ever before, America is busting at the seams with fat people. We are experiencing an “obesity epidemic” which has now filtered down to our children as well as young adults. Yes kids today are fat & unhealthy, and they haven’t even hit puberty yet. Forbes had written an article back on Feb 2, 2016 sharing that our annual U.S. Healthcare Spending Hit $3.8 Trillion dollars. The reason? Because most Americans are addicted to sugar and don’t even know it. Most Americans are not taking care of their health because they don’t how to eat, what to eat or when to eat. Most young kids today are sitting on their asses playing video games more than ever before, just as adults are while working in front of their computers, but there a bigger issue. The bigger issue is how food manufacturers continue to push the addiction button while our government continues to lie to us.

What Was the Lie?

That “fat” gets you “fat”, raises your cholesterol causes clogging of the arteries, which can lead to heart attacks.  Talk about putting a scare into the population, and they did it without the research behind it. Fact: Our general population has been led astray about foods for the past 30+ years with “whole wheats, whole grains, 100% natural”, Child Please!!! You either didn’t see it or you simply can’t bring yourself to believe that our own government would conveniently lie to make a buck. Today and given the foods most Americans are consuming because of “scare tactic marketing campaigns” such as “low-fat and low-cal”, most Americans will never realize optimal health or attain that body they’ve always wanted simply because of the food products they are consuming. Do you have problems with bloating, gas, intestinal pain, diarrhea, love handles, layers of body fat? Second question, “If you are not eating fat because of your fear of fat, then how did you become fat or overweight?” Yes, now that is a good question!

In 1984 Time Magazine came out with this magazine cover & article depicting fat as the enemy, and that if eaten, you would run the risk of heart disease or heart attack given the large amounts of cholesterol in them.  I say Bullshit!  Just like there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. What our government didn’t want you to know is what we were really after was Oil. In the end it’s always about $$$ money, always has been and always will be, even if it comes at the expense of your health.  Yes we are protected by our American military, we’re just not protected by the processed food industry, bread industry or the marketing strategies of food companies looking to sell us anything to line their pockets with money $$$. They will sell you a big-gulp sugar laden soda, Twizzlers, Doritos, Twinkie, potato chips and an assortment of other foul chemical enriched foods which can survive in a plastic bag for up to 6 months, because they know your addiction. They know how to pouch your buttons and its their job is to capitalize on it. Imagine the chemicals you’re ingesting into your stomach which is keeping that fake food edible for months on end? Perfect situation where your metabolism shuts down because when your body ingests something foreign, it goes directly to your cleansing organs, slowing down digestion and fat burn. They advertise “low-fat or low-cal” because they know you won’t look at the label on the back of that fruit flavored yogurt for example which says 23-28 grams of sugar. Daily recommendation dosage of sugar is 5-8 grams. So what is really making America fat? Real Fat contributor #1 “Sugar”.

And So Why Lie To Us About Bacon, Eggs & Fat?

First, let me turn you onto this. The country of Brazil alone produces 7 million eggs each day just to feed its population? Here is a bigger question, “why are most Brazilians sexy not fat?” Go to their beaches, sexiest beaches and girls in the world. Answer: Because they eat real food, they are eating eggs, and they are eating bacon. They don’t consume the amount of fake foods like the U.S. does. We’ve been lied to for so long and now living that lie eating “wraps, cookies, pastries, donuts, twinkies, bagels, hoagies, and sub sandwiches” instead of real food.  Real Fat contributor #2  “Wheat” 

Now they are pushing “gluten-free”, which is another ploy to keep you buying the wheat, which by=the-way is recommended within the Standard American diet. Yes they put wheat into the standards folks, but you know wheat is no-bueno. Just listen and feel your stomach after you eat it!

From wheat we can produce seed oil (yes people its fake, not a real oil like olive oil), and also flour to mass-produce fake foods like bread, bagels, rolls, biscuits, pancakes, graham crackers, and chocolate chip cookies. Again feeding the masses, but not helping your waistline, health or dreams of attaining that healthy body. Real Fat contributor #3  “Flour”

So Why the Lies?

The real reason we were lied to, was so that the government could control how they were going to feed our growing population. After WWII cities like NYC, Newark, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas as well as the rest of the world were all growing quickly. Buildings were going ‘vertical’ and the masses in these metropolitan areas had to be fed quickly and efficiently. It’s why Gennaro Lombardi was so successful selling “real authentic brick-oven pizza” down in little Italy in 1905. Fresh ingredients, fresh mozzarella, and fresh tomato’s for his sauce. More importantly it was thin crust, very satisfying, quick and convenient. People back in the early 1900’s weren’t fat (see photo). Today, the cheese is processed and carries lots of bad oil, and its made by the slice. It’s also thicker, is cooked in a convection oven and loaded with toppings which add to your caloric intake per slice. Another reason why Americans are getting fat!  Manufacturing in the 50′-60’s was on the move, Cadillacs were being built,  which was about the same time farmers started pushing out wheat and corn (America’s saviour & curse). You remember Wheaties the breakfast of champions? They had put Bruce Jenner, Mohammad Ali, Michael Jordan, and Mary Lou Retton on the cover, but these folks weren’t eating Wheaties. Lied to again. It was all marketing using celebrities so you’d buy and eat the wheat.Or how about “Frosted Flakes” with Tony the tiger. As kids we’d pour the box into our cereal bowl, which gave us like 500 calories of carbohydrates and a boat load of sugar. We’d get to school and bounce off the walls until lunch. Food companies knew exactly what they were doing.  Remember Billy Martin, former Yankee’s manager back in the 80’s. He did Bud-Lite commercials, I had met him in a bar one night and asked him if I could buy him a drink to which he replied, “I don’t drink that shit, I drink rum & coke”. More marketing and although its cool to have a few beers, its the sugar in the coke you must burn off before your body can begin to burn the carbs and then body fat! America is getting drunk while Bud-Lite, Coke & Captain Morgan are making $$$. Real Fat contributor #4 “marketing”.  

Good & Bad Fats

I had mentioned above there being good fats and bad fats. Please be aware that most of the bad fats come from cooking oils, margarine’s and condiments (also fake).  They even did it with corn by producing fake products like Mazola cooking oil, Canola oil, Wesson oil, Crisco oil and margarine’s which yes, are all fake foods! Go to any burger joint and/or french fry stand and look at the fake corn oils that have been sitting for hours in the hot cooker or the griddle top. This is where harmful/bad fats come from, this is what ends up in your food and this is what’s raising your cholesterol levels. Not the bacon or the eggs, but the cheap oils that break down under high heat. You want to know another bad oil, take a better look at the oil that drips off of your $1 pizza slice mentioned above. Most pizzeria’s today cook with processed cheese, not fresh mozzarella for many reasons. Processed lasts longer with refrigeration (because of the fake oils in it), can be bought in bulk, is easily shipped and can be delivered any day of the week It’s also cheaper. Fresh Mozzarella cannot be cooked in the convection oven. Why? Convection takes 9-10 minutes to cook at 375 and will ruin the mozzarella if used, where a brick oven reaches temperatures of 700+ and only takes 3-4 minutes to cook a pie, hence using fresh mozzarella. When that processed cheese used today melts in the oven, that low quality oil separates from the cheese giving the pizza that shiny look. Bad oil, may taste good, but add that as another reason your love handles have grown. There are good fats and there are bad fats.  Real Fat contributor #5 “Man made oils from Corn”


On a whole, and if like most New Yorker’s your lifestyle is one that’s always on the go, you wake in the morning, have a bagel and coffee and are off to work. No breakfast, no fuel in your tank except for that fake bread and coffee loaded with sugar. You then have a salad with grilled chicken for lunch and because you’re starving by the time dinner comes end up over eating while washing it down with a few glasses of wine or beer! Real Fat contributor $6 “Alcohol” Yes the sugar in alcohol adds up quick and if you’re looking to stay mean and lean, your body must burn through alcohol, then carbs before it gets to body fat.

Today Scientists today are telling us to eat grass-fed butter, telling us to eat eggs and some bacon. Now that they’ve done their homework and they are reversing what was first told to us, while providing us with the truth and research to support it.  I cook with grass-fed butter, even melt it into my early morning coffee which I have with coconut oil (it’s called a bullet). I was also on a “full fat diet” for the entire year of 2014 called “keto” and was in the best shape of my life. You can find that story in my previous blog.

Good Fat isn’t the enemy folks. Again good fat is good fuel, aids in digestion, helps with brain function, nervous system and satisfies your hunger because its real! Sugar and Carbs are the real enemy. Reach out to me with questions or even a consolation. It would be my pleasure helping you get back on track to better health again.

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This article was written by Ray Dente, Owner & Founder of Get Fit With Ray.

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